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'Inner Light Therapies' is part of the 'Inner Light' partnership based in Llechryd, Ceredigion on the west coast of the UK. It is run by Mark Brittain, and offers a range of mind-body-spirit therapies and services for personal healing and growth: these include Reiki, Angelic Multidimensional Healing, Crystal and Vibrational Healing; Etheric (psychic) Surgery; Etheric Template Alignment (Tatic Harmonisation Technique); Hypnotherapy; Past-life Regression; NLP; Life Coaching; and Soul Path Readings / Channelled Guidance. 

You can access separate pages about each therapy /service offered through the menu at the head of the page and by using the links below. These will give you an overview of each therapy, along with the estimated duration of a session and its cost. The menu also offers links to other 'Inner Light' websites, which include the School of Inner Light (which teaches professional courses and workshops in the field of complementary and alternative studies); Inner Lightworkers (offering information and support to those with an interest in the 'unseen' world about them); and Inner Light Crystals (an on-line shop selling a wide range of hand-selected crystals).


Inner Light is on the move in 2018.
Hence, with immediate effect, I (Mark) am not taking on any new clients in the Bournemouth area.
Once Inner Light has located and settled into its new premises the availability and location of the services that 'Inner Light Therapies' offers will be posted here: this will probably not be until mid to late 2018, so thank you for your patience and understanding!

about the therapies / services offered:

I (Mark) believe that the physical body, the subtle (energy) bodies, the mind and the spirit are of equal importance when recognising and treating the symptoms and causes of ill health. When using 'hands-on' and 'vibrational' therapies I work with a client's subtle anatomy (including their chakras, auric bodies and energy templates) in, on and around their physical body to remove or deal with energetic anomalies; repair energetic damage; and re-align, balance and energise their subtle bodies as appropriate. On occasion this includes performing etheric surgery and/or using a technique I have developed called THT to repair, correct or realign the energetic templates on which the physical body is founded. Re-establishment of wholeness and balance to all the subtle systems and bodies is therefore an integral part of a session, as is supplying energy to the system as a whole: this is because, by returning the energetic systems of the body to their natural state of being - i.e. one of whole-ness, energy and balance - the physical body is placed in the best possible position to heal itself. Accordingly I never claim to 'heal' - my role as a therapist is simply to enable the appropriate healing to take place: hence it is important that clients are ready and willing to be involved whole-heartedly in their treatment regime, in order for permanent change to be accepted and readily integrated into the body's systems.

"Hands-on" Therapies:

"Vibrational" Therapies:

"Mind-body" Therapies:

Channelled / Intuitive Readings:

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"It is my responsibility to point out that my work as teacher, facilitator and therapist is a personal expression of my Spiritual beliefs and practices and presents my interpretation of the knowledge and understanding I have gained through my studies in the mind/body/spirit field over many years. Therapy sessions offer an opportunity to share my personal experience with others, to facilitate the possibility for individuals working with me to recognise their own potential. Any advice or guidance I give through my  therapy, teaching or personal interaction with individuals should be followed only if an individual chooses to do so of their own free will, and I acknowledge and honour each person's right to discern if they wish to embrace within their lives the things I offer, or not. I charge only for my time, venue facilities and the use of tools and materials used during the sessions." Mark Brittain - 8/7/2008.

This statement is willingly made to uphold the legal requirement of the Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) that incorporates an "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive", which means that from 2008 all Mediums, Healers, Psychics and any other Spiritual services will become subject to consumer law.

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