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Welcome to 'Inner Light Therapies' - a small holistic healing clinic run by me, Mark Brittain. This page will tell you a little about my personal philosophy as a therapist; about my qualifications in the mind/body/spirit field; and about my approach when facilitating a treatment session. 

My Philosophy as a Therapist:

I believe that the physical body, the subtle bodies, the mind and the spirit are of equal importance when recognising and treating the symptoms and causes of ill health. Indeed, each are innately connected on a subtle and energetic level - and hence what you experience, think and feel throughout all stages of your life (both past and present) can powerfully affect your state of health on more than one level. In my therapy work I have found that many such issues become embedded within the subtle structures of the energy bodies - many having taken hold over a period of time through frequent negative reinforcement. Happily, 'hands-on' and 'vibrational' healing techniques can help release such unwanted or inappropriate constructs from the energy field; whilst 'mind/body' techniques can help retrain the brain into new ways of thinking. This can be aided by helping you identify and separate your physical feelings (physical pain, fight / flight responses etc.); base emotions and feelings (anger, fear, sadness etc.); thought processes (how you process and sort what you feel on a mental basis) and reactive processes (how you react emotionally to what takes place in your life). Being allowed the time and space in which to let go of the past and create a new future can - with the help and support of an understanding and skilled therapist like myself - enable real and positive change to begin; leading to the re-establishment of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness and health. 

Edward Bach, creator of the Bach Flower Essences, said the following about disease (dis-ease): "Disease is solely and purely corrective. It is neither vindictive nor cruel but is simply the means adopted by our own souls to point out to us our faults; to prevent our making greater errors; to hinder us from doing more harm; and to bring us back to the path of truth and light from which we should never have strayed".

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Lily Flower © Mark Brittain

My Qualifications and Skills:

I left my career within the world of IT and finance (and all things "left-brain" and logical) in 2007, in order to concentrate full-time on my skills as a holistic therapist - although I have been studying and working part-time in the field of complementary therapies since 1997.  Since 2001 I have qualified as a Master Teacher and Master Practitioner of the Usui / Tibetan form of Reiki; as a Master Teacher of the Blue Star Celestial Energy System, which places a special emphasis on out-of-body working; and as a Teaching Master and Master Practitioner of the Angelic Multidimensional Healing System. I am also qualified to work as a Crystal Healer and Energy Worker; and am frequently asked to perform etheric surgery, Light-weaving and repair work (utilising my innate clairvoyant and clairaudient skills*) during the course of these sessions. I have always had an interest in how the mind affects the body, and in 2005 I qualified as a Master NLP Hypnotherapist (which includes leading past-life regression therapy), a Certified Life Coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner. I am a Master Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

* I have a natural affinity for working with crystals and with energies of all sorts, and have been clairvoyant since a child: this enables me to 'see' energies, colours and Beings in other dimensions (including Guides, animal totems, energy templates and etheric grids). I am also experienced in travelling and working 'out-of-body', enabling me to assist people at a distance; and in trance channelling, when many Guides and Light-Beings are keen to make good use of my ability to be totally non-attached - thereby bringing through clear and uncorrupted information with which to help people with their self-healing and growth. 

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What to expect at a treatment session:

Your first visit will begin with a consultation, usually covering medical history, health and lifestyle: advice will be then given regarding the most suitable form and course of treatment, although your own preferences and choices will be respected wherever possible.
For most hands-on / vibrational energy treatment sessions you will then lie in comfort on the treatment couch (fully-dressed and with a light covering for warmth), or seated in comfort on a chair; whilst subtle energies within and around your body are addressed. 
For most mind/body sessions you will relax on a reclining chair or sofa, where you can unwind, talk and participate with me in the appropriate treatment session, aiding your clarity, understanding and resolution of the issues concerned.
If you wish to be accompanied by a relative or friend, I am always happy to accommodate this.
(N.B. if you have mobility issues please let me know when booking an appointment.) 

I always charge by the session rather than by the hour: first visits often take longer than subsequent ones, but you should allow anything between 1 and 2 hours for most treatments. (More about this on each page.)