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This page gives you an overview of all 'Inner Light' websites: these divide what Inner Light offers into 4 defined categories (Therapies; Teaching; Lightworkers Information; Crystal-sales (on-line shop).

All "Inner Light" experiences are developed and overseen by soul partners and twin flames Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain with the assistance and support of Light Beings, Angelic Beings, Elementals and Spirit Guides.

lightworkers logo "Inner Light-Workers" (www.innerlightworkers.co.uk) is a site devoted to bringing all Light-workers out there inspiration and information about the Archetypes of Ancient Egypt; Archangels, Archaeons and Ascended Masters; Colour and The Sacred Rays plus many tools and topics on personal and planetary growth and healing.

school logo The "School of Inner Light" (www.schoolofinnerlight.co.uk) offers training, courses, workshops, talks and advice on many aspects of vibrational healing, energy work and personal growth and development. 

crystals logo "Inner Light Crystals" (innerlightcrystals.co.uk) offers a wide range of high quality minerals and crystals for sale on-line, mainly to therapists, collectors and healers who are looking for tools and healing crystals for personal or business use. Whether you need a 50p tumble stone, or a huge specimen for £1500, why not see if we have what you need!

angelic healing logo "Angelic Multidimensional Healing System" (www.angelicmultidimensionalhealing.co.uk) offers details about the system, along with practitioner and teacher directories.