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This page links you to other websites that we have found useful. Click on the links to take you to the relevant site.

"Inner Light Workers" (www.innerlightworkers.co.uk) is a site devoted to bringing all Light-workers out there inspiration and help in learning and growing on their path. We bring information about the Archetypes of Ancient Egypt, Archaeons, Ascended Masters and Ascension plus support and other topics including tools for personal and planetary growth and healing.

"Inner Light Therapies" (www.innerlighttherapies.co.uk) offers vibrational and crystal healing; etheric surgery; Reiki healing; hypnotherapy and NLP; Past-Life Regression; Life Coaching and Soul Path Readings - all of which are offered by qualified therapists to help people with their personal healing and growth. 

"Inner Light Crystals" (innerlightcrystals.co.uk) offers a wide range of high quality minerals and crystals for sale, mainly to therapists, collectors and healers who are looking for tools and healing crystals for personal or business use. Whether you need a 50p tumble stone, or a huge specimen for £1500, why not see if we have what you need!

The "School of Inner Light" (www.schoolofinnerlight.co.uk) offers training, courses, workshops, talks and advice on many aspects of vibrational healing, energy work and personal growth and development. We also teach Reiki in six different forms to all levels up to and including Masters and are involved in developing a new system of attunements for personal growth.