Angelic Multidimensional Healing

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This page will give you some information about Angelic Multidimensional Healing offered by "Inner Light Therapies" in Llechryd, Ceredigion. Angelic Multidimensional Healing (AMD) is a powerful healing method that works in union with the Highest energies of the Angelic Realm and with the Ascended Healing Masters of Light of this Solar System, Galaxy and Universe to help bring about wholeness and balance on all levels to those receiving the energy.

In many 'traditional' hands-on-healing therapies, such as Reiki, the therapist acts as a channel for Divine / Universal energies: in this system the energies of the Angelic and other Higher Dimensional Realms merge with the practitioner's, who acts as a focus in the physical realm for those Higher energies to be channelled to and for the recipient. When an Angelic Multidimensional Healing Practitioner works in covenanted partnership with their Healing Angel they are able to make use of their Angel's inherent nature, which is to act as a "transformer" of energy. The fundamental role of all Angelics is to modulate, regulate and distribute the energies of the Godhead throughout all Planes of Dimension. They are Masters at directing and controlling, holding and focusing energy, whether in motion or in stillness. They are also natural facilitators, each having complete understanding of the true nature of energy and its cycles of creation and dissolution; polarisation and unification; imbalance and equilibrium. An Angelic Multidimensional Healing Practitioner is able to utilise their Angel's expertise by acting as a secondary "transformer", creating and holding an energy bridge between the Angelic realms and those of humanity so that the Higher Beings may more easily access and work with the energy field of the one that has asked for their help.

During their training, changes are made to a practitioner's energy fields that prepare them to work with Angelic Beings of Light and establish a conscious and permanent link with the Angelic Dimension. This stepping-up of the practitioner's energy signature also enables other Higher Dimensional Healing Masters to approach and merge with their energy field, thus broadening the scope of the healing. Additionally (unlike physical humanity) Angels and Multi-Dimensional Beings are not restricted by time or space, so they can address and redress any aspects of a recipient which require rebalancing and adjustment, thus facilitating self-healing and the release of physical, mental, emotional and karmic imbalances and ancestral issues throughout all dimensions, time and space.


£45 per session - takes around 1 hour.

A session takes around an hour, in which the "hands-on" aspect requires only between 10 and 25 minutes. This is due to the High vibrations transmitted and the efficiency of the system and because Angelics and Light-Beings work outside linear time, so in "our" time the treatment appears relatively brief. With this method treatment often begins before you attend a session, and continues to work for up to 4 weeks afterwards, and so the "hands-on" work is only a small part of what is being received. The session also provides space in which you can talk about your needs and clarify the nature of the healing you are seeking to access; it also allows time to review your session, with your practitioner's input if desired.

If you would like to learn to become an AMD practitioner and/or teacher, follow this link