etheric (psychic) surgery

Vogel Crystal Wands
"Vogel Wands" © Mark Brittain

"Inner Light Therapies" in Llechryd, Ceredigion offers etheric (also known as psychic) surgery. This page will tell you a little about it; how I came to be working as an etheric (psychic) surgeon and how my skills are being directed; what etheric surgery is and how a session is thought to work; what you might expect to experience in a session, and the current charges per session. PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER AT THE FOOT OF THE PAGE.

Since 2002 I have been utilising my intuitive senses and my multi-dimensional psychic sight to work in the etheric energy fields of the aura and chakras that surround and interpenetrate the physical body. I may use specially cut "Vogel" crystal wands (see picture above) and other naturally grown crystal wands to remove unwanted energy and repair or replace damaged etheric templates, and as my skills (and the world) evolves I am finding that more people are requiring work at the fundamental Higher Dimensional ketheric, causal and etheric template levels. This involves me addressing the etheric bodies at a much deeper and intense core level and working upon the Higher Dimensional energies and templates that are located within the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. Here I use my innate talents as a "Rainbow-Light weaver" by transmitting the appropriate resonances of Light through my hands and fingers (and sometimes wands), to clarify, repair, refine and restore the physical body's energy matrices at root and soul level. All my work involves ongoing training on the Higher Planes, usually whilst I am sleeping at night, by means of instruction and briefings from subtle anatomy and energy specialists and a range of Light-beings who support my work in physicality and the etheric. Specific specialist Guides always attend me when I am working on physical anatomical issues, and thus my "training" is very much an ongoing process, aided by working on a broad range of health issues with my clients.

What is etheric surgery?

Etheric surgery works in essence very much as physical surgery does, but addresses the etheric energy anatomy rather than merely the physical structures of the body. I believe that every cell, structure and organ of the physical body has etheric counterparts that exist in Dimensions other than the physical 3rd Dimensional world, and that these are as much a part of the human body as is the physical anatomy that has so far been revealed through scientific study and conventional medicine. Most energy workers believe that in fact the human physical structure grows upon etheric templates or blueprints, (i.e. the cells grow in accordance with the templates), which is why working to adjust or repair these on Higher Dimensional levels can effect change to the human anatomy on the physical level. I also believe (and find) that in order to become complete and whole there is usually a need to discover and work from the root of the problem and follow it through - doing anything else often means that "healing" is only superficial and that the problem is more likely to recur. For example, genetic, ancestral and past-life energies are all stored within our etheric templates; additionally thoughts, feelings and beliefs are energy, and if these are of an undesirable nature they can take etheric form and become inappropriately "stuck" within the energy field. Hence fundamental clearance, adjustment or repair is sometimes required in order to resolve "old" issues that might be at the foundation of a condition, ill-health or dis-ease. Although some may regard this ability as unsubstantiated nonsense or quackery, science can only prove what science can measure - and this has to be restricted to the Dimensions in which such tools can operate and by the technology available to invent the tools. I also believe that at some time "science" will be able to produce evidence to back up my beliefs, but as yet it hasn't got there. Just because some people can't see something does not mean that it doesn't exist - after all, hundreds of years ago we could neither have seen nor proved the existence of many of the distant stars and planets in our galaxy, but as science and technology developed we have been able to view these things and accept that they are real. 

Because etheric surgeons work on the etheric levels, the speed and complexity of the work and the healing and recuperation period is far removed from what you would experience from a physical operation. Many principles remain the same though: high standards of cleanliness and hygiene on the etheric level is important and always maintained by the teams and their helpers, just as you would hope to find in "normal" surgery. Each specific condition has its own team of specialist surgeons working on it - although a range of different conditions can be worked on simultaneously by several specialist teams. These teams are made up of doctors, surgeons, specialists and nurses who have trained to do this work since "passing" to the Higher Planes, or who have worked in a similar way when in physicality and wish to continue their work after their transition. Training for surgeons, doctors and specialists never stops, and continues on the Higher Planes, often teaching completely new methods of dealing with injuries or conditions, the likes of which have not yet been researched physically here on Earth. Teams like these work with patients in the non-physical world and Higher planes, and are also keen to work in tandem with etheric surgeons in physicality on earth-bound patients. Many civilisations in other star-systems, galaxies and Dimensions have shown great interest in teaching and offering their advanced techniques and technologies to help humanity with their healing, often teaching me to use new and profound etheric tools and methodologies. Indeed, many of our Cosmic teachers consider the ways in which human doctors and surgeons treat ill and damaged patients in the attempt to get them well in our third dimensional world to be nothing short of barbaric! 

dolgoch falls - tree
Orbs at Dolgoch Falls © Mark Brittain

what to expect in a session:

Usually the etheric teams will have worked with me before your visit, to prepare me for the work that they feel needs to be done. Your team may start preparatory work with you before your first visit, ascertaining your needs and setting up work to be completed during your appointment. The etheric team will set the priorities and the parameters of the work, taking into account your medical needs and priorities and I will work in tandem with the teams, sometimes working with one team on one particular aspect, whilst perhaps a second (and sometimes even third) team may work alone on something different. I may use my hands, fingers and Light-tools to create or direct energy, and you may occasionally be aware of pulling or tugging sensations as the work progresses. You may even be aware on some levels of other etheric team members simultaneously at work elsewhere around you. Usually my hands work above the surface of the body, but occasionally may need to work on the surface or press down quite firmly. You may also be linked with etheric "monitors" which will judge when your body's tolerance to the work has been reached, and at that time the work will stop, the etheric body will be cleansed and sealed and subsequent sessions and their timings determined, if necessary. Afterwards you may feel a little sore for a day or two, and may need to rest (and sometimes eat) more than usual. Your team will remain on-call between sessions, and they, sometimes with my assistance, may continue to work with you during this time - you may be aware of this, but more usually this work happens when you are sleeping and the physical body is at rest.

"It is my responsibility to point out that my work as a therapist is a personal expression of my Spiritual beliefs and practices and presents my interpretation of the knowledge and understanding I have gained through studying various complementary therapies over many years and through my above spiritual practices. If you request a consultation with me for etheric surgery, before it can take place it will be necessary for you to accept and agree to certain terms and conditions. These confirm that: you have chosen freely to participate; you accept full personal and legal responsibility for any choices you make or actions you take directly or indirectly as a result of the consultation and that you are not aware of any medical or psychological condition that might mean you should not take part in the consultation. Any advice or guidance I give through my personal interaction with individuals should be followed only if an individual chooses to do so of their own free will and I acknowledge and honour each person's right to discern if they wish to embrace within their lives the things I offer, or not. I charge only for my time, venue facilities and the use of tools and materials used during the sessions." Mark; 15/7/2008.

This statement is willingly made to uphold the legal requirement of the Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) that incorporates an "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive", which means that from 2008 all Mediums, Healers, Psychics and any other Spiritual services will become subject to consumer law.

etheric surgery - session & CHARGES:

£45 per session - allow up to 1 hours.

You will be asked to remove your shoes and loosen tight clothing, then lie down on the treatment couch, and then simply relax. A session will take between 60 minutes and 90 minutes, depending on your needs; your energetic state; and how much work you are able to assimilate in that session. The first session is often longer, sometimes up to 2 hours.