soul / life-path guidance


If you have reached a point in your life where you are unhappy with or unsure about what you are doing or where you are going on a soul and spiritual level, then "Inner Light Therapies" in Llechryd, Ceredigion is able to offer Soul and Life-path Guidance through a trance-channelling service.

I offer tailor-made advice and support for genuine Spiritual seekers, channelled through my own Guides, your own personal Guides and other Higher Beings of Light who might choose, ask or wish to be present. This service is being made available as a consequence of my trance-channelling skills, whereby I have the ability to move my "worldly" Self aside and adjust my energy fields to merge with those who wish to speak through me, in order to bring information and advice that is as clear and unbiased as possible. Accordingly, my Guides will work with you and your Guides in order to help you find your way forwards on your spiritual path if you are lost, uncertain or confused; or offer you clarity if you have something specific that you would like guidance or advice about. The session will combine soul-coaching (if and as applicable) to explore the issues that require clarification; and trance-channelling of those on the Higher Planes who are willing to be of help for this purpose.



Sometimes we need help to gain a better understanding of who and what we are; where we are going and why. Although most of us on the path know we have Guides, and perhaps feel we know them very well, it can be of help to "converse" with them through a third party - and perhaps in so doing reassure ourself of their reality as well as gain the opportunity to commune with them without self-doubt! My skills as a trance-channel, whereby I can "step aside" to allow others to "step in" to my body and use my voice, enables this to happen It is usual for the Guide who wishes to discuss the matters raised by the attendee, and who is most suited to do so at that time, steps in - but sometimes more than one Guide wishes to speak; sometimes new Guides or Light-beings present themselves; and on occasion it may be appropriate that you ask for guidance from a specific Guide, Master or Being of Light.

What is being offered is not a "reading" such as you might expect to have with a medium or tarot card reader. It is not specifically about reassurance that our loved ones are still with us, through bringing through family or friends from this lifetime who have passed over, or about mundane day to day matters, such as asking Aunty where she left her diamond rings! It is more particularly aimed at those with a genuine need for guidance about their life-path and soul's journey, and who have specific needs or concerns that they would like clarification or help with. When you attend a session it is useful to have thought about the particular areas you wish to obtain clarification on, and to have made notes of the questions that you would like to find answers for. 

The session will be recorded for you on CD to take away with you - if you wish the recording to be in any other form please discuss this with me when you make your appointment.

soul / life-path guidance - session & charges:

£65 per session (including CD).
As a token of my respect for the skills and opportunities I have been given, I donate £30 of all proceeds from each session to SOS Children's Villages and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

A session will take between 60 and 90 minutes, and will be recorded for you (see above).

to find out more:

If you would like to know more, or have a chat with me to find out how Soul-path /Life-path guidance works and if it might help you, simply contact me now.

"It is my responsibility to point out that my work as teacher and facilitator is a personal expression of my Spiritual beliefs and practices.
If you request a consultation or channelling with me, before it can take place it will be necessary for you to accept and agree to certain terms and conditions. These confirm that: you have chosen freely to participate; you accept full personal and legal responsibility for any choices you make or actions you take directly or indirectly as a result of the consultation; that you are not aware of any medical or psychological condition that might mean you should not take part in the consultation; and that you understand the consultation will be recorded and a copy kept by me for record purposes only. 
I charge only for my time, venue facilities and the use of tools and materials used during the session." Mark; 8/7/2008.

This statement is willingly made to uphold the legal requirement of the Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) that incorporates an "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive", which means that from 2008 all Mediums, Healers, Psychics and any other Spiritual services will become subject to consumer law.